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Jan 2017


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Découvrez « Rumple » que j’ai illustré.
De l’auteur May Sage. (série fairy tale books)
Facebook : https://www.amazon.fr/May-Sage/e/B014QXTK1G
Site : http://www.maysageauthor.com/
Amazon : https://www.amazon.fr/May-Sage/e/B014QXTK1G
Pour toutes demande d’information sur mes illustrations. http://andromnesia.com/

Discover « Rumple » that I illustrated.
From the author May Sage. (Fairy Tale Series)
Facebook: https://www.amazon.com/May-Sage/e/B014QXTK1G
Website: http://www.maysageauthor.com/
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/May-Sage/e/B014QXTK1G
For all requests for information about my illustrations. Http://andromnesia.com/

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