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I work with the publishing houses and authors self - publication. You can contact me pays all its requests for information via the contact form or Not enamel. Directed : aaliyah65@orange.fr


Freelance illustrator in the publishing world for 2 years. My world affects mostly the urban fantasy , paranormal romance , and historical romance. I currently work for both publishing houses , publishing and the small vault underground editions.


Currently , I took control of illustrations for fiction blogs and Wattpad . For inquiries please contact me via the contact form..


Freelance illustrator for 3 years and in photo-manipulation for 5 years. Find my services available to authors and self-editions for publishers. Do not hesitate to contact me with any requests for information or proposals.

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  • Cover Book for blog and Wattpad fiction


Westley Diguet, Jeanne Sélène, Kayla Howarth, Elizabeth Nicholas-Holt, Cassidy Ostergren, Gary Kelly, Richard Poche, Quinn M. Kelley, Wanita May, Chrissy Peebles, Aspi Deth, Lauren Smith, Paige Tyler, René Junge, Richard Sechi , Ali Parker, Joshua Sutton, Allan Kemp, Bethany wicker, Peter Milton, Chrissy Peebles, Ash Lake, AP . Jensen, Margo Bond Collins, D.R. Stillwagon, N. N. Light, Shenoa Carroll - Bradd, Sean M. Hogan, Samantha Love


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  • Erica has made the covers of my two fantasy novels . She quickly perceived my world and proposed illustrations in line with my requests . I can not recommend his work !

    Jeanne SélèneFreelance Author
  • Erica conducted at present 2 complete covers for 2 volumes of a book I wrote. The first volume was published. The second will be soon. I am positively surprised by the inventive imagination, the dream world quickly generated and controlled and the beauty of Erica graphics. I can only recommend it.

    Jean Paul CardeilhacAuthor published by the philosopher's stone editions
  • Man this template rocks, bought to showcase my video portfolio, very stylish and modern, kudos.

    Greg Johnsonmotion designer
  • Bravo, well done. A stylish, unique template, with lots of features and options, what more could I want.

    Victoria Benetonfreelance photographer


  • Cover Book

    Custom order your book illustration. Including the 4th cover and spine of the book . Web version 72 dpi and 300 dpi for printing .

  • Cover Book for blog and Wattpad

    Illustration of your fiction in 72 dpi for the web.

  • Prémade of cover book

    Illustration premade available for your books. To print and ebook. 4th book cover and slice understood if you wish.


  • Erica Petit
    Born: October 25 1987
    Studies: High School st vincent paul
    Skills: Photoshop


My creations affect mostly the urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and historical romance.

for any request do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form or by email at the following address. aaliyah65@orange.fr